Yosemite National Park

Breathtaking / Beautiful / Nature

I have only been here one day but I was instantly in love with this amazing peace of nature. The mountains, the extremely fresh air, the reflections in the lakes and the Tunnel view everything was so great! I did a short intensive hike where I saw a lot of big rocks, waterfalls and it was also a nice workout. I hope to be back some day to explore a lot more of this amazing Yosemite National Park in California.

Tunnel view

Thé shot from the mountain which is the screensaver on every Apple computer

We drove to this view twice because it is so magical. This is called ‘the Tunnel’ because of it’s shape. You can look through the mountains and see the beautiful mountains behind it. There were so many photographers to take the same photo. Some with very professional equipment and some just with their phones. I found it very amusing to watch them. Hopefully they also enjoyed the view besides trying to take the perfect picture, I know I did!

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