Sunrises & Sunsets

One thing is certain, everyday the sun comes up and goes down.


A year ago I got a job at a lunch room where I had to begin working at 6.30 AM. I saw a lot of beautiful sunrises at that time. Every time a different one; sometimes pink, orange or yellow.

These three pictures are taken of my old job side. You can see the EYE film museum where the sun rises every morning in Amsterdam. It’s the building in the middle which looks a little bit like a building from the future. The water gives an amazing reflection of the beautiful colors from te sky. That was always the reward for waking up so early.

When I was in Australia in 2006 I saw the sun rise from the sea. That was something new because in The Netherlands we have only sunsets in the sea. It gave a very strange kind of light, I have never seen that before. Unfortunately I took this picture a couple of minutes to late so this might look just like a normal beach day, but it was not for me.


The thing we see almost each day is the sunset. It is a little harder to spot when the clouds take over but it is still something you can see every day, everywhere. I don’t mean literally seeing the sun disappear into the earth but watching the colors in the evening.
I like it when I am at a place where I can see the sky, an area with a panorama view and when I have the time to enjoy it. But also when I don’t have much time I really can get a happy feeling when I see a beautiful colored sunset sky.
It is nice to see a sunset while driving or traveling by train. The landscape changes every second and the sky takes it’s time to become dark. Because my view changes I can relax, enjoy and see a lot of the most amazing pictures flashing by.

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