What more do you need?

Nature is always there; lying, standing, being. A place to escape, relax ore be inspired. When I feel sad, happy or alone walking though nature helps. Fresh air in my nose, the wind blowing through my hair. It’s all going to be okay.
There is always something happening outside. Spring, summer, fall, winter. Nature changes everyday even if you don’t see it.
It’s forse is so powerful that we can never compare it with our own strength. That makes it mysterious and so beautiful.

Grass drops

Grass is not always greener on the other side

These two photos were taken in 2007. I found them on my hard drive somewhere in a folder far away. And I thought by myself wow, how cool to put two photos on my site from so long ago. I was seventeen when I took them and I’ll remember it still. It was a cold night and before I took the pictures I remember wanting to take a picture with frozen raindrops and one with the normal raindrops. I think it only took one hour waiting for the sun and these beautiful photo’s were born.


On a very rainy day I looked outside and saw a lot of very nice raindrops hanging on the bush in my garden. So I went outside with my umbrella and tried to shoot them but that was not as easy as I imagined. My umbrella kept falling because I needed two hands for my camera. So I clutched my umbrella between my neck and shoulder but that didn’t work either. I was constantly wiping the raindrops from my lens but in the end I was satisfied with the result.

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