Mojave National Preserve

Sun / Dryness / Cracked earth

In Southern California near Las Vegas lays a dessert with miles and miles of dryness. The sun was shining high in the blue sky as we drove through this amazing peace of nature. Lots of cactuses, dried grass and wideness. I was so grateful to see and explore this whole other side of the world.

Kelso Deposit Visitors Center

Watch the dryness

A very small visitors center to see the history of the dessert and to enjoy the view.

Sequoia National Park

Snowy / Cold / Breathtaking

The next day we drove to the park with the highest trees in the world; Sequoia park! They expected a snow storm so we had to hire snow chains, after a couple minutes of driving the snow began to fall! Beautiful white, big, high, trees, it was absolutely amazing to explore this in a storm. Everything was so white and so quiet.

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