Summer in Mallorca

In 2017 I spent my summer in Mallorca. A place I wanted to visit since I was in high school. I went there in June so we would skip the high season there. We stayed in a house near the sea which was amazing. It was almost if we were in a exotic place because of the views from the very blue sea and beautiful beaches.

Palma de Mallorca

The Capital

Of course we went to the Capital of Mallorca; Palma. What a cool and lovely city! I loved the colors of the houses, the narrow alleys and the cute shops and restaurants. It wasn’t to big so we walked our feet of and saw almost every street. I couldn’t stop taking photo’s because the view on every corner was amazing!


The prettiest village of the Island

This small village is located on the west side of Mallorca. This is the cutest place ever. If you are planing to go to Mallorca you háve to visit it! It is very old (chopin has lived here) and the feeling while walking through it was indescribable. This was also a place where I couldn’t stop taking photos because everything was so pretty!

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