Macro Photography

As long as I can remember I always was trying to get as close to an object as possible. Most of the time flowers or little (rain) drops. My interest in detail grew by the years and I was thrilled when I discovered the macro lens for my iPhone. On my Instagram page I decided to make a serie with only macro photos. And these are the results.

Poppy proces

Because I live in the city of Amsterdam I don’t have a garden but only a small balcony. I really wanted to plant some flowers for the bees so I did. It became very small but extremely cute flowers with also these Poppies.

Cicada shell

At first I didn’t know what creature this was. I was fascinated because it is the skin of a whole insect! Every day there came more and more of these shells and after some research I found out that it is the shell of an Cicada. These insects are all over the place in France and make an incredible sound.


One of the things that always, always attracts my attention are flowers. It doesn’t matter which size, color or shape they have. I always have to look at them and smell what scent they have!

Tropical vibes

I spotted this beauty in Saintes-Marie de la Mer in the South of France. And because of it’s tropical vibes I hád to take a photo of it. These kind of flowers don’t grow in The Netherlands.

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