Grand Canyon

Overwhelming / Huge / A dream

Another dream came true when I saw this amazing peace of nature. We had to make a detour of six hours to see the Grand Canyon but it was totally worth it. We stopped by a town called ‘Pie town’. A man and his wife baked fresh pies in a little shop for those who came by. They were the nicest people! The fireplace was burning and the smell of pies made it really cosy inside. A very good stop to get a drink and eat some pie.

The sun was shining, the sky was clear blue and the wind blew ice cold air in my face. I was speechless, the colors of the mountains where so beautiful. It’s good that I am not afraid of fear heights because this was one of the greatest depths I have ever seen!


We saw a very old locomotive at the train station in the Grand Canyon Village, a place right next to the Canyon. Many people where taking photos, me included. I spotted a wild deer and since I was already taking pictures and the deer seemed very calm I could take the time to get her sharp.

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