Beautiful & endless

The wrinkly inside of a rose, a pistil, the tiny forget-me-not’s, a sunset yellow sunflower standing proud, the deep blue grape hyacinth, ore thousand leafs from a dahlia. A gemma that’s about to burst, a waterdrop so beautiful and peaceful on a leaf, morning dew glued to every hair ore blade. All reaching for some sunlight. Proudly with there heads up searching for a sunbeam.
An explosion of colors and the smell of course.

I can look, search en shoot flowers for hours. This natural phenomenon keeps attracting my attention and keeps asking for my camera.
Close up, I like to be very close. Most of the time you don’t even know how a flower looks like from the inside. You maybe recognize it and know the name of that pretty thing but do you know how the inside of a Lily-of-the-Vally ore the heart of a rose looks like?
Every sunflower looks different. No rose looks the same and oh yeah every forget-me-not looks different.

I háve to smell a flower if I pass it. People see my head disappear in a bush ore plant and when I rise most of the time I’ll say something like ‘You have to smell this one! It smells so good!’.
That’s why I like the spring so much. Beautiful pictures grow everywhere. Sometimes literally with crocuses and daffodils. I can really enjoy it when i’m biking through a scent of fresh flowers. A triple inhalation to get the most of the smell in my lungs and with a big smile on my face my trip goes on.

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