Clouds and Skies

Always in motion

I can keep looking and enjoying skies and clouds. Allright a smooth gray sky is not that special but look up because it will change every minute. That is what makes it so cool for me. Every time when you point your face to the sky you get a different picture. And not once, no every time!
The cute mackerel sky/ cirrocumulus, the white streaks on a blue painting, art. I think it’s just art.
And also the sunrises and sunsets. Wauw I can enjoy them so much. The amazing colors made from the sun appear. Colors so bright that it seems like the sky is on fire. Not once the same. I’ve never made a picture with in my thoughts ‘I have this one already’.
Clouds with little holes in it which makes my head fantasies a whole new world. Beautiful, fairylike, perfect.
Also the clouds where the sun is just behind ore comes from, the silver lining. This is time after time a special thing and still attracts my attention. The beams from behind the cloud stays magic.

I never get bored while looking at the sky and the clouds. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world they’re always there and they make the most beautiful scenes above you.

Sun beams

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