Australien skies

In 2006 I did an internship on the boat of my uncle in Australia. It was more an experience internship but I learned also how to manage a boat. We sailed about 1000 km from the North to Brisbane. At those weeks I saw all kinds of amazing things. Animals I had never seen in real life before, landscape, white beaches, choral, and a lot of sea.

This looks like a normal picture from the beach and sea but what makes it special is that this was a sunrise. I slept in a tent on the beach en saw the sun come up from the sea. Something I’d never seen before! I only know sunsets where the sun disappears into the sea.

The force of nature

The picture above with the dark clouds was a heavy afternoon. It was a warm day so the sky was loaded with energy. Big showers and very strong thunder with lots of lightning came after.
When I woke up I saw this picture. It seemed that lightning struck down in some trees and caused a big fire on Fraser Island. This is the biggest sand Island in the world where the beach is the highway.
The fire burned for two days straight and blew lots of smoke into the air. Not so good for the atmosphere but great for some photo’s.

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