Architecture & Objects

Because I traveled a lot in 2015 I saw many city’s and I began to see the beauty in streets, buildings, skylines, windows and other objects.
So I captured the pretty things I’ve seen in de USA in a way I found interesting.
Looking for the right angle and trying to take a photo in a way nobody else does. Sometimes with success and sometimes without.

New York Streets

I loved walking every street in this amazing city. Every neighborhood gives a different feeling: Soho, China Town, The Village they are all amazing in there own way.

The World Trade Center on a grey day.
Parking a car in a way i’ve never seen before. Really funny and a good picture.


What a contrast with New York. About 78.000 houses and buildings are empty and about 38.000 are collapsing. It seemed like a war zone. Driving though a neighborhood that’s completely empty.
This is de Packer Automotive Plant, a automobile-manufacturing factory which has gone bankrupt and because of that the people have left Detroit. Since there were no jobs so the whole city went bankrupt in 2011.

This is Detroit Central Station, it was completely empty and useless after everyone left. It’s now a spooky building, especially in the winter with the snow.

'The Egg' of Albany

This building is called ‘The Egg’ because of it’s shape. Inside is a theatre and I’ve played there with ‘Spot’.

Toronto Skyline

Toronto is a big city in Ontario, Canada. I’ve been there around a lot to perform but visited the city also like four times. It was very cold but it has some very nice places and neighborhoods.

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