April Goal

At the end of March I was thinking of doing a project for one month. I wanted to do something more with photography and so I created my very own April goal.
Everyday in April I photographed something that caught my eye. I edited and placed them on my Instagram account. I made them black and white to make a difference and to distinguish the photo’s from those I took before this project.
I like the black and white filters from the app ‘Fade’. They are not only original black and white but they have a yellow, old kind of look which I really like.

Day 1, 2 and 3


I used to babysit these two brothers every Tuesday until they moved to another town. This picture was not staged. The oldest boy grabbed his little brothers so he would be save on the sidewalk. That is really true love!

Day 11

The day I started to play on my guitar again!

Commercial Shoot

One of my jobs is being an actress in commercials. This month I was lucky and got one! It was shot in this studio in Amsterdam with a nice window reflection.

Day 18

De Keukenhof

On April the 23th I went for the first time in my life to De Keukenhof. It’s a very nice place with an enormous amount of tulips, thé Dutch flower.

Day 30

The last day already.. It was over before I knew it but I liked it very much!
And it inspired me to do something like this very soon again. So maybe I will do another photo project in June. I just have to figure out what kind of project but suggestions are always welcome!

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