Femke Jogien Hermans


My name is Femke Jogien Hermans and I am living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
I graduated in 2012 from ArtEZ institute of the arts with a major in Music theater so my work is in theater and music.

My interest for photography started from an early age. I used the old camera from my mother, and when I turned 16 I finally got my own first Canon camera.
Obsessed to get everything close, macro to the max, I shot an enormous amount of photo’s.
Flowers were my favorite thing to capture, preferably the heart of the flower from really close.
And clouds of course, oh clouds and skies infinitely. I photographed the sky from the almost clear blue skies to the most amazing pictures from clouds in bad weather. The beautiful sunsets and the typical Dutch skies. If I didn’t have my good camera with me it was my phone’s turn to shoot. ‘Click, click, click’ and I got a couple more fine pictures.

I started around 2006 with shooting our wonderful nature. This is something I like the most, capturing everything from nature.

Besides that, partly because of my theater tour through the USA and Canada, I started to photograph buildings and other things. Now with my SLR (reflex camera)! I saved all the tips from an old job and bought finally my own Canon D1100. I wanted that thing for years so I was very happy when I could find a good second hand one. Because of that theater trip I know my SLR from the inside out.

Due to the program Aperture I like editing my photo’s too. Making a better quality, creating black and white photo’s, or changing them by playing with the colors. Sometimes I find it a shame because the beauty from a picture itself’s can be also really good too! No filters from Instagram, pure nature.

I’m always searching in how I can make a picture more interesting. What angle is the best or what can I do with the diaphragm. What do I want sharp or blurry, what do I like.
I hope you visit my site and you enjoy my pictures!
You can always leave me a note or a message.
If you like to visit my artist (Dutch) website just click on Femke Hermans.

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